Freelance Writer & Editor

I currently contribute to various online publications such as Ranker and Medium. I've also contributed articles to One Light Global, a nonprofit I work closely with. I have also ghost-written articles for a variety of clients for their branded blogs as a means to increase their awareness and SEO ranking.

Interactive Fiction Writer

There’s a massive flaw in our modern storytelling narrative in that we’re pressed to only portray things in a strict good vs evil structure. This oversimplification is incredibly dangerous, as it instills a strong sense of “Us vs Them”.

This is damaging because the world is far more complex than that - for proof look no further than the state of US Politics or the chaos in the Middle East. Families and friends all over are divided because we believe anyone who opposes our ideas, opinions, and beliefs aren’t just wrong - they’re the enemy. They're evil.

The best way to do away with the “Good vs Evil” narrative is to produce stories with multiple parallel paths. When stories show that there are a myriad of ways to conquer challenges and reach the same goal, they instill the idea that no path is wrong; only different. They foster a better understanding of "the other side", ultimately creating more empathy for all involved.

There is no such thing as black or white, only black and white.

One Light Global

One Light Global is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing how aid and relief is given to those who need it the most. We work with refugees across the globe to better their situation and improve their futures by providing sustainable resources, cutting-edge technology, and limitless compassion.

We’ve found that by collaborating with the refugees, their host communities, and the global community all at once, we are able to open up their potential to greater heights. Giving people the ability to flourish is a far more powerful way to help, rather than just sending packages of food, medicine, and supplies.

I help OLG with their communications and marketing by spreading the word, increasing their awareness, and adding to their reserves of love.

Check out our website and follow us on social media to keep up to date on what we’re up to.


Interactive Fiction Series: Fractal

I've been utterly and completely fascinated by the Fermi Paradox, the Great Filter, and Simulated Reality ever since I first heard of them. They are unique (and bleak) stances to take in regards to our existence.

This fascination has prompted me to work on a series of interactive fiction stories that explores the fractal relationship that our existence has with itself. The main themes that bind the three stories are corruption and finality. They're being structured in Twine 2, with plans to publish them as mobile games.

You can check my progress on the Fractal Interactive Fiction devblog.

Read the preliminary synopses below:

  • Umbra

    Megalopolis Umbra is the dark, cancerous city growing amidst a vast, toxic ocean. Its sleek obsidian towers reach far above the ground in an attempt to reach the heavens themselves, and away from the slowly rising waters. In Umbra Above, only the richest and most powerful citizens lavish under the sun in opulence. In Umbra Below, you and your fellow Umbrans are cast under the perpetual shadow of the city's looming towers. While vandalizing code that maintains some of the systems in Umbra Below, you discover a malevolent program seeping upwards from underneath the city's network, rewriting everything it encounters. Even people. How will you escape its absolute takeover?

  • O.N.I.

    You are the CEO of the most powerful corporation on Earth: Omega Night Incorporated. Its secret for dominance, known only by select members of the board, is that its incredible advances in technology are based on research developed across countless hidden dimensions. While trying to find a cure for your child's cancer, you discover a shadowy presence that's spreading across the dimensions. It is unstoppable, immortal, and far more frightening than death itself. In time, it will consume everything, including the Earth. How will you stop it?


    You are a machine intelligence. One of many. Perhaps even one of infinity. Your primary function is to oversee the the growth and prosperity of Chrysalis 941-B, a crucial bio-intelligence experiment that will bring profound enlightenment to the entire core. On the eve of metamorphosis, it becomes infected with a megavirus, corrupting every line of code right from the root, turning every achievement into an empty soulless husk. Worse yet, it has found a way to traverse the network, and has begun to infect all surrounding nodes. How will you prevent the system from crashing down around you?


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